What is Deck Envy?

Topic Overview:

Deck Envy generally occurs while gathering with friends and family in a relaxed social setting on their new deck, especially one designed and built by NJ’s top award winning outdoor living specialist Deck Remodelers. Symptoms present themselves with feelings of inadequacy and inferiority followed by thoughts of "Wow this is a gorgeous deck," "This fireplace is so cool" and "I wish I could cook dinner for everyone in my outdoor kitchen" and sometimes even “I want an outdoor great room with ceiling fans and a couch to lie on and watch my flat screen.”

While usually not fatal Deck Envy is a quality of life issue that will continue to cause irritation until treated. Treatment is relatively simple when handled by the experienced professional s at Deck Remodelers. It begins with a design consultation and is immediately followed by building the deck of your dreams.


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Related Information:

Deck dek/noun:

  1. A platform like structure typically made of planks attached to a house.
  2. An outdoor great room often complete with a kitchen, fire feature or hot tub. Lights can be added for extended evening entertainment.

Envy ˈenvē/noun: envy; plural noun: envies

  1. Desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else).
  2. The desire for a deck as nice or better than my friend’s deck. "He looks at his neighbor’s deck with envy"


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