Building In The Winter - Deck Remodelers Request a Design Consultation

Being that decks are outdoor projects, predominantly used in the warmer months, clients often wonder if they can be built in the winder. The answer is YES! At times, there are conditions in the winter that are not safe, nor comfortable. We work around these days. We build all year, every year. You can be setting up your new deck on the first day of spring.

We dig “footings” which are the concrete foundations of the deck. One must take extra care when pouring concrete in the winter. We are experts in dealing with this critical part of the winter jobs. Regardless of when synthetics are installed, they must be gapped properly to maintain manufacturer’s specification through year round temperature changes. When working with new synthetics with plastic content, special attention must always be paid to heed expansion and contraction guidelines for installation from the manufacturer.

There are a few advantages to building in the winter. The hard winter ground will keep a deck floor cleaner than in the warmer months. If one is building with a natural material that is prone to sun damage, the first months of the decks “life” is not exposed to intense summer sun and heat. The wood will stabilize gradually. Dormant plants are less affected and you are ready for new plants in the spring.
Winter brings energy zapping cold days and shorter days due to loss of daylight. It usually takes longer to build an outdoor project in the winter, but that’s what we do. Winter projects turn out beautifully and you are enjoying your new deck on the first days of spring!