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Consider These 6 Beautiful Pergola On Deck Ideas

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Consider These 6 Beautiful Pergola On Deck Ideas

There are many reasons to purchase a pergola–especially an Equinox Louvered Pergola from the experts at The Deck Remodelers.

Yet, there’s a distinct challenge in your decision-making process. There are so many available design options that it’s an embarrassment of riches. In other words, choosing your preferred layout is difficult because it’s seemingly impossible to go wrong.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with our 6 beautiful pergola on deck ideas:


Why Should You Equip Your Deck With A Equinox Louvered Pergola?

An Equinox Louvered Pergola is an ideal design choice for your deck if you’re tired of awnings, umbrellas, and sunshades but want natural light to illuminate your home.

Deck Remodelers’ Louvered roofs are the modern solution that optimizes shade and other outdoor elements. Our pergolas are motorized and made of powder-coated aluminum offering the best of both worlds for your patio or deck. 

To the above point, all that’s needed is one mere press of a button to yield full sun when the time calls for it or offer luxurious shade on a blazing summer day. You can also enjoy full coverage when there’s a rainstorm.



1. Pergola On Top Of Two Curved Staircase

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The first of our pergola on deck ideas involves two staircases that lead to the deck and the louvered covering.

Why do we love this idea? First, the two staircases add spaciousness, dimension, and aesthetic flair to your deck. Additionally, the two staircases intersect with the deck, and the pergola is symmetrical, making them further pleasing to the eye. 

Furthermore, the perimeter is lined with shrubs on both sides in this example. With that feature comes more symmetry and an added natural component. 

These symmetrical elements help the pergola stand out since it’s found right in the midpoint–but it doesn’t clash. Instead, this pergola design ensures the louvered covering blends in seamlessly, adding to your overall aesthetic.



2. The Pergola And Fireplace Combination

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A pergola protects you from the elements, whether aggressive rain or the beating sun. 

This pergola on deck idea–adding a fireplace– involves you customizing the elements even further. Imagine sitting on your deck on a breezy autumn night, with the crisp smell of leaves in the air and the scent and warmth of a crackling fire. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Fire is a natural element, adding a sense of rustic richness to your design. Our louvered roofs are state-of-the-art and are complimented perfectly with this grounded, more earthy addition of fire.



3. A Pergola With A Big Screen Television And Sofa

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When you invest in your deck design, you want to give yourself–and your family–reasons to spend time out there.

So–when the appropriate seasons (i.e., spring, summer, autumn) arrive, why not turn your deck into another living room? Our louvered pergola already adjusts to your various elemental needs. From there, a couch–with room for the whole family–and a wall-mounted flatscreen television add a sense of homey comfort. 

This is one of our favorite pergola ideas because it encourages you to maximize the usage of your deck or patio. You can watch the big game, the latest Marvel movie, or the evening news while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors.



4. A Pergola Covering An Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen offers the following advantages:

  • You keep all food smells outdoors
  • Add value to your home
  • Reduces your energy bill
  • Ideal for entertaining
  • Extending your living space
  • Encourages you to spend more time outdoors

What do these advantages have to do with our pergola on deck ideas? Adding a louvered roof gives you additional shade or protects you and your guests from the scorching sun and inclement weather. Pair that with the advantages of outdoor kitchens, and you have a winning combination.

On top of that, grilling makes food taste better. Your outdoor culinary experiences will be far more memorable than anything you throw in the oven or fry on the stove.



5. Turn Your Pergola-Covered Deck Into A Swanky Lounge

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With a louvered roof, your needs are met to keep you outside and comfortable for as long as necessary. Thus, you have exponential freedom with your design and the mood you can create on your deck or patio.

For instance, you can add several sofas and a coffee table on top of the fireplace and kitchen accessories we’ve already discussed.

This setup is ideal for social gatherings where you can spend quality time with your closest friends and family over tasty beverages, talking the afternoon and night away.



6. Pergola By The Poolside


Of all our pergola on deck ideas, this one proves the versatility of installing a louvered roof. Most examples we’ve discussed involve traditional decks and patios. However, pergolas can also work if you desire a cabana feel in your backyard–if you have an outdoor pool.

So, on a hot and sunny day, you, your family, and your guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. Then, they can hop out and immediately enjoy the comfort of a pergola cover while indulging in tasty, refreshing beverages and lively conversation!


Why Should You Hire Deck Remodelers To Install Your Pergola?

We go beyond installing, building, and designing features at Deck Remodellers. Instead, we aim to bring your vision to life, reflecting your personality and budgetary needs. We ensure quality craftsmanship and utilize cutting-edge products and materials for every project.

In hiring Deck Remodelers, the final product will bolster the overall design of your home, blending seamlessly with your overall aesthetic.

Give us a call or fill out a consultation form today if you want to learn more about what we can do for your deck or patio!