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Deck Remodelers is an award winning deck design and deck remodeling company located in New Jersey

Transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious haven! Whether you’re entertaining friends, sipping on craft brews at sunset, or enjoying breakfast with the family – our custom decks will make sure you can do it in style. Our team of expert deck builders are available to give New Jersey,  Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT residents an oasis designed specifically for their lifestyle and within budget. Quality materials combined with impeccable craftsmanship come together to create something that’s guaranteed to elevate both home life and curb appeal.

We understand that building a deck requires a significant investment and that’s why we’re offering a FREE quote to help you get started. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let’s begin designing the custom deck that will transform your outdoor living space!

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Our Expert Deck Design Services

Today’s modern homeowners are no longer content with traditional deck building methods, settling instead for the luxury of an outdoor living space that reflects the same sophistication and detail as their interior rooms. To make this vision a reality requires more than just your average local contractor – it takes a highly trained professional design-and-build team to create custom designs incorporating both complex elements and finishing touches. Such teams can ensure quality decks come alive in any backyard!

Here at Deck Remodelers, there’s no compromising on quality and satisfaction. We strive to create custom decks that are built with passion and pride; something we can proudly stand behind for years to come – which is why our custom-built products come equipped with a five year bumper to bumper warranty!

Personalize Your Backyard with a Custom Deck Built by Award-Winning Professionals.


Deck Remodelers are the undisputed experts in creating truly unique decking experiences for homeowners across New Jersey. With our incomparable level of expertise, building your dream outdoor space is within reach – let us exceed all expectations today!

With 37 National Design Awards for exemplary work over the last decade, Deck Remodelers is at the forefront of innovation and modernization when it comes to decks. Our in-house team – top notch designers that tailor a personalized space with style and color guidance, certified craftsmen who build award-winning decks year after year, and experienced project managers devoted to customer service– will take your backyard from concept to completion without fail. So if you’re looking for quality deck remodeling services backed by experience excellence: choose Deck Remodelers.