Ridgewood % New Jersey Custom Deck Builder Request a Design Consultation

Searching for a company that is the right fit for your project can be frustrating and time consuming.

So often homeowners begin their process with an architect. Seems like a logical starting point when you are looking for a design. Unfortunately, most architects are not intimately familiar with the overwhelming amount of products used to build an outdoor space. Often the design is restricted to what the architect is familiar with and what they think can be easily built. When a design is pushed to something extraordinary it ends up costing the homeowner a lot more money than necessary due to the lack of experience with products. Once the design is complete, it’s often hard to find a deck builder or outdoor kitchen builder to take on the unique project
It’s often difficult to find the right builder to do even the most basic of jobs. If your circumstances are somewhat complex, it’s almost impossible. That is how our Ridgewood, NJ homeowners felt when we got their call. They love their stately, brick home and wanted to create a beautiful outdoor living space that looked as if it was original to the home. They had a number of “deck builders” out to their home and quickly found that the creativity just wasn’t there. While voicing their frustrations to a friend, (a Deck Remodelers customer) they were directed to our website. And that, as they say, was all she wrote. A quick call and a scheduled consultation were all it took.

How do we know what we want?

It’s easy to know what you don’t want. Knowing what’s available is another. With so many new amenities are available to homeowners, they need to rely on the experts in decking, outdoor kitchens, covered decks, fireplaces and patios. Choosing a design and build firm, like Deck Remodelers, makes those decisions even easier. When Sean McAleer, owner of Deck Remodelers and Lead Designer, first met with our Ridgewood homeowners, they quickly realized that working with a designer, materials expert and builder, meant one stop shopping.
Amenities and materials available for the outside have grown exponentially in the last few years. Low maintenance deck options are better than ever. Gone are the “plastic” looks of composite or PVC decking. The colors are beautiful, the maintenance is minimal, PVC decking is recyclable, minimizing the carbon footprint and the manufacturers warranties of 30 years to 50 years means you only need to do this once. Those are just some of the decking options.

How do we start?

After measurement and photo were taken, Sean discussed how the homeowners wanted to live in their new space. Through active listening and thoughtful questions, our designers establish the important aspects of the design and to suggest the best amenities to use for their project.
The blazing sun was the biggest problem on this project. The homeowners had installed a built-in pool, but it was too hot for the family to enjoy it unless they were literally in the pool. Sean suggested a combination of cover options over a low maintenance deck, stunning fireplace with lounge, corner bar, eating area and a double grand staircase.

Wow! That sounds amazing, but I can’t visualize it!

Working with a deck company that is a design and build firm, means 3D designs. Deck Remodelers gives the homeowner the ability to see the entire project as it will look completed on their home. Our 3D designs are both still shots and a video. Bringing your project to life helps solidify the design and make any changes necessary before the building begins.
The next meeting, the designer will present the 3D design and discuss any elements the homeowner wants to add or anything that needs to be adjusted.

Presenting the design to our Ridgewood, NJ homeowners.

This is fun! When our homeowners view their 3D design for the first time is priceless! It’s so hard to visualize all the discussed components put together, which is why the 3D design is a critical step in the process.
The stately brick of the house was used throughout the design to make the new space look as though it was original to the house. The first thing our homeowners loved was the use of coverings. A 3 section, Equinox louvered roof with brick-based columns was added to provide the much-needed relief from the sun. The Equinox, available exclusively through Deck Remodelers, does much more than block the sun. With it’s motorized louvers and gutter system, the Equinox provides the best of both worlds. When open, it allows the sun to come through into the home and when closed, it behaves like a regular roof. Completely dry below, with lighting, ceiling fans, heaters and even phantom screens, a homeowner can have a usable space for 9 months of the year. To add a twist to the design, the louvers of the Equinox opened in different directions.
Under the Equinox is a full brick fireplace with a tv above. Designed as the focal point in the lounge area, it’s the perfect area for adults to watch the kids in the pool during the day and enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.
In the middle of this fantastic space is a large eating area. Perfect for family dinners or game night. Tucked in the corner is a bar for two, perfect for intimate conversations.
At the opposite end of this amazing space, a gable roof with a ceiling finished with natural tigerwood was designed over a lovely BBQ area.
To transition from the second level deck down to the pool, patio and driveway is a grand, double staircase. Designed for beauty and flow, the stairs provide easy access from all points of the yard.

So, when can we start?!

Once the design and budget decisions are solidified, it’s time to get started. Once the agreement is signed, our homeowners are emailed an invitation to our Customer Portal. Rather unique in our industry, Deck Remodelers provides a website for our customers to login to view the progress of their job. Our Ridgewood NJ home owners will be informed of every aspect of the deck building project, beginning with in house architectural prints and submitting for permits. Once the permit is approved by the town a commencement meeting is scheduled for the homeowners, Designer and Project Manager. This is the time the project is reviewed to ensure the project goes as planned. Designing and building an amazing outdoor living experience is our priority, but so is the process. Our Deck Design and Production Teams work together to ensure our customers have a great experience from the consultation to completion.

Time for the finishing touches.

At the end of the project, when the final inspection is approved, a final walk through is done with the homeowners and Project Manager to ensure no detail was overlooked.

The WOW Factor!

It was a pleasure working with our Ridgewood NJ clients. Designing and Building amazing backyard spaces that provide our customers with a place to create years of memories is why we do what we do!