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Amazing strength, extreme durability, natural beauty. Ipe is the world’s premier decking material.

The second strongest hardwood in the world, Ipe is the most durable, low-maintenance, and naturally beautiful wood decking on the planet. This exotic hardwood is unparalleled in its vast credentials for safety and durability. Ipe is eight times harder than oak, scratch-resistant, so dense it sinks in water, so high in tannic acid it’s impervious to bugs and rot, such a tight grain it doesn’t splinter, and an incredible “outdoor lifespan” of 75+ years. It’s clear that an Ipe deck is the ideal choice for those who desire a stunning, natural-looking deck that is both low-maintenance and highly durable. The most beautiful deck you will ever see is a well-crafted Ipe deck. It’s no wonder the most renowned architects and designers across the world use Ipe wood in high-end homes.

An Ipe deck lasts a very, very long time*

*When the deck is well-crafted and properly built. 

(Hint: At Deck Remodelers, we have mastered building Ipe decks.)

When building an Ipe deck, it’s all about building a solid, well-crafted product from the ground up, so it holds strong and looks beautiful for its “outdoor lifespan” of over 75 years. In order to reap all the benefits of an Ipe deck for decades to come, the deck must be built to last. 

Over many years, we have developed the methods and practices that allow us to build rock-solid Ipe decks from the ground up, with details you would only expect in high-end furniture. They not only look amazing but with simple maintenance, they stay looking that way for many years. From cutting our own boards to our multi-layered fascia- it’s one layer of quality and detail after another that set our Ipe decks apart from all the rest.

The problem with Ipe decks is never the Ipe…

The root of any problem with an Ipe deck lies solely in a carpenter’s lack of experience and use of poor methods to construct the deck. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to working with this unique, gorgeous hardwood. At Deck Remodelers, building Ipe decks is in our DNA. Our CEO Sean McAleer founded this company after his years of training as a 3rd generation cabinet maker and finish carpenter. With our high level of experience, devoted craftsmen, and meticulous attention to detail, it is no wonder that Deck Remodelers has by far the most National Awards for Ipe decks.

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