Fall: The Best Time to Build a New Deck - Deck Remodelers Request a Design Consultation

When the leaves change color and the weather starts to become a bit chilly many people think that it’s time to put away the outside furniture and prepare to bundle up and stay snug throughout winter inside of the home. These are the people who are missing out on the best time to turn their outdoor space into a winter wonderland filled with everything they can imagine. Fall is the best time of the year to build a deck after all.

Reasons Why You Should Build a Deck in the Fall

  1. Availability. During the fall season you can take advantage of the “off-season” that occurs when many builders aren’t receiving as many jobs, making them more available to complete projects than in the spring or summer.
  2. Building a deck in fall leads to less of a negative impact on your landscape. During the spring or summer season the weather can range from hot, sweltering days to stormy, rainy days with very little warning. During the winter season the weather is much more bearable. The cooler weather dries out the landscape making it easier to build a deck on the yard without causing any significant damage to your property. When spring rolls around, you will have a beautiful deck and your yard will bounce back greener than ever.
  3. Be ahead of the crowd with your deck construction. Beat the spring rush by beginning your deck construction early. By the time spring arrives, you will be enjoying your new deck without having to worry about how hot it is or dealing with building delays due to bad weather.
  4. You can take advantage of the predictable weather. Weather during the fall season is more predictable than weather during the spring or summer seasons making it easier for your builder to get the job done a shorter amount of time.
  5. Building in the fall can help you save money. Often pre-season incentives, such as deck lighting packages may be offered by builders and/or manufacturers.
  6. Why limit yourself. Most people only envision themselves on their deck during the spring and summer. Why limit yourself. By including a stunning fire feature on your deck, you could be relaxing on your deck through those beautiful fall and winter nights!

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