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Limitless Creation

Endless amenities and design options. The highest quality materials and products. Multi-faceted, versatile outdoor living spaces.

Now this is what you call deck design inspiration.

The options and amenities for your outdoor living space are truly limitless. We know the design of an outdoor living space is as important as the interior design of the home- that’s why the products and materials we bring to the table are equally as beautiful and high quality as anything you would put in your home. Named after a category in the national deck awards, “Limitless Creation” is basically your own all-inclusive resort, right in your backyard. (Think: “dream deck”, “ultimate deck goals”, and “deck inspo”.)

Projects of this size and complexity are far beyond the abilities of the average, and in most cases, the above-average deck builder. Most building companies don’t employ the high level of design talent and craftsmanship, let alone the sheer quantity of highly experienced craftsmen, needed to effectively handle a project of this size. A limitless creation project encompasses a vast array of building materials and methods that require specialized techniques and certification of our craftsmen.

limitless creation open deck

At Deck Remodelers, we have extensive experience in designing and building large-scale projects.

We are truly in our element when we are working with clients who dream big. At Deck Remodelers, we come from the home building industry with several years of experience in building custom homes before shifting our focus towards creating personal luxury resorts in our clients’ backyard. Our team is well versed in a variety of skill sets including regulatory compliance with zoning and building and engineering requirements for everything from structural loads to drainage and grading requirements. From our certified crews and project managers to our in-house professional designers and architects, our team is beyond qualified and prepared to seamlessly execute a backyard design of any scale. At Deck Remodelers, we will bring your dream backyard to life and exceed your expectations. There is so much in store for your future outdoor oasis.

Limitless possibilities… so many choices.

We understand that having an overwhelming list of options can make decision making difficult- this is why we have a team of in-house professional designers and architects on your side that will take out the guesswork and guide you to exactly what you want. There will be no regrets or missed opportunities to make your project better. We are always thinking of the next level.

Custom outdoor kitchens have evolved to where they rival any indoor kitchen in both beauty and functionality. Additionally, these kitchens have an array of gourmet appliance options that easily surpass the utility of your indoor oven and stove. Moreover, the Equinox Louvered Roof has countless customizations and add-ons as well as a vast selection of custom finishes to ensure your motorized pergola complements the aesthetics of your space. Adding a custom fire feature, fireplace, or fire pit allows you to enjoy your backyard resort into the colder seasons. Whether you throw in a hot tub, in-ground pool, sauna, patio, under deck, pavers, or any other feature you could dream of, we handle it all.

Deck Remodelers has access to the highest quality products and materials that will literally transform the way you view your home. When choosing us to design and build your project, you can be confident that your outdoor living design will be a stunning reflection of your lifestyle.

limitless creation outdoor kitchen

We’re a one-stop shop. When you choose Deck Remodelers, you can look forward to adding any number of these amenities to your deck or patio, including (but not limited to):

  • Full roof structures
  • Equinox Louvered Roof
  • Outdoor kitchens & Bars
  • Fire features
  • Hot tubs
  • In-ground pools
  • Saunas
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Patios
  • Finished Under Deck Spaces
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Pavers
  • Retaining walls
  • Exterior wall finishes
  • Architectural Privacy walls
  • Feature walls
  • Planters
  • Benches
  • Curved decks
  • Curved/spiral stairs
  • Motorized retractable screens

Covered Deck: v (kuhv-er) n (dek)

1. Roof structure built over a patio or deck.

See also:  gable roof, barrel roof, tigerwood coffered ceilings, recessed lighting, ipe

limitless creation covered deck

Covering your deck (full roof) and/or Equinox Motorized Louvered Roof will take your outdoor space to a new level of beauty and functionality.

Building a full roof over your deck provides many advantages. A fully covered deck transforms your deck into an outdoor living room. Adding a tigerwood ceiling, recessed deck lights, outdoor heaters and ceiling fans are just a few of the options available when building a covered deck. Adding an outdoor kitchen and gas firepit or Stone feature walls with a fire feature and recessed panel for a tv are the perfect options for that much desired entertaining space.

Equinox Motorized Louvered Roof: n (ee-kwuh-noks)

1. Motorized, louvered roof that opens and closes using a remote. Full sun or full shade. Gutter system insures complete dryness when closed.

See also: custom pergola, custom colors, ipe wrapped columns, outdoor heaters, TV, Fireplace

An Equinox motorized louvered roof is the perfect answer for homeowners who desire everything a full roof provides but want to enjoy the sun as well.

The Equinox is a must for those who love the functions of a roof without losing the light into their home. The powder coated aluminum means low maintenance, the gutter system ensures no dripping when opened after a rain. With four standard colors and an endless selection of custom colors (including realistic wood grains), the Equinox can be customize to blend with any home architecture and personal taste. For those who prefer the real wood look, the columns and frame can be wrapped in Ipe or tigerwood. For others looking for a more stately or ornate look, the columns and frames can be wrapped in pvc.

Both options allow the homeowners more time to enjoy their amazing space. No one is running for the door at the first sign of rain. Outdoor entertaining is much easier and less stressful.

limitless creation equinox pergola

Outdoor Kitchen: n adj (out-dawr) n (kich-uh-n)

1. A place equipped for cooking outdoors.

See also: outdoor kitchen design, kitchen designers, stone base kitchen, NatureKast, resin cabinets, outdoor appliances, Twin Eagles, Delta, built-in grills, outdoor pizza ovens, outdoor bar and sink.

rev20180810 200912

Bringing people together, family or friends, becomes conveniently easy.

An outdoor kitchen makes entertainment better than ever. Imagine everyone coming together to see what’s cooking, enjoying a beverage and socializing on your beautiful, new, open-air all occasion area.

Deck Remodelers has an award winning, in house Kitchen Designer, ready to help design your new outdoor kitchen, help choosing stone, granite countertops and appliances that best fit style and needs. Our professional work with you every step of the way.

Finished Under-deck: adj (fin-isht) (uhn-der) (dek)

1. Completed or perfected in all details; under a deck space.

See also: finished ceiling, tigerwood ceiling, recessed lights, pavers, stone patio, tile floor, outdoor heaters, ipe columns, outdoor fireplace, bar, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, outdoor ceiling fans, privacy wall, TV

Adding a finished underdeck is the best way to create an entirely separate entertaining area by using your deck.

Adding a dry space when building your deck, takes deck designing a step further. Once thought of as an unusable area, now becomes a stunning “finished room” with natural stone pavers, an inviting tigerwood ceiling, recessed lights, fire feature and TV on a beautiful curved Ipe wall or even an outdoor bar. You can double your entertaining space by simply having your deck builder add a dry space when building your deck. Deck Remodeler’s skillful outdoor designers have the creativity and experience to make the most of the space you have..

limitless creation underdeck

Fire Feature: n (fahyuh r) n (fee-cher)

1. A prominent attraction running on gas or wood. Typically a gathering place.

See also: outdoor fireplace, fire pit, gas fire pit, wood burning fire pit, outdoor fire feature

Fire Features most often become the focal point. Whether it’s a vent-less gas fireplace on a feature wall, a circular gas fire feature, finished in stone, on a curved deck bump out with blue stone floor or an amazing line of fire with LED lights reflecting in the fireglass, you will be adding an amazing element that draws people together.

limitless creation fire features

A beautiful fire feature is one of the most requested amenities.

When we design an outdoor living space, the Fire Feature most often becomes the focal point. Choose from gas fired or wood burning, fireplace or fire pit, you will be adding an amazing element, one that draws people together.

We can create the environment that fosters new and lasting memories. A fire feature can have a major impact on how you live in your space. Around the Fire, day or night, a cool summer evening, or brisk fall day the outdoor events can multiply.

Hardscape: n (hahrd-skeyp)

1. Pavers used to cover ground, build walls, etc.

See also: natural stone patio, paver patio, retaining wall, built-in seating, patio low walls, fireplaces

Adding a hardscape is one way to dramatically change the flow and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

A hardscape design can be so much more than just a patio. The use of different textures, colors and stone can create amazing designs or be used to create separate ‘rooms’. By adding patio low walls, you can define each space while adding extra seating for larger parties.

A fireplace or fire pit is a perfect addition. One more area to gather everyone together. Another gathering space can be achieved by building an outdoor kitchen or outdoor bar. Everything you need, right in the center of the party! To ensure everyone is comfortable, an Equinox louvered pergola is the perfect finishing touch. The Equinox allows you guests to enjoy full sun or shade on those extra hot days. Adding an outdoor ceiling fan can add addition relief from the hot sun. Never worry about a passing rain shower. The touch of the remote provides instant coverage.

Installing an inground or infinity pool is the equivalent of a high-end entertainment center. Everyone gathers for fun, exercise, or simply lounging at the pool working on that tan. Using unique coping and adding a waterfall can transform your pool into a work of art. Another option is a hot tub. With perfect placement, a relaxing hot tub can be enjoyed year round.


Installing an in-ground or infinity pool is the equivalent of a high-end entertainment center.

Everyone gathers for fun, exercise, or simply lounging at the pool working on that tan. Using unique coping and adding a waterfall can transform your pool into a work of art. Another option is a hot tub. With perfect placement, a relaxing hot tub can be enjoyed year round.