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Professional Outdoor Kitchen Builders

Add an outdoor kitchen or bar to your backyard, and the heart of your home moves to the great outdoors.

Bringing family and friends together has never been more convenient and easy to accommodate. As the host, you’ll never miss a beat as you engage with your guests while you grill burgers or prepare drinks. Add a kitchen island on your new deck and people will flock to it just like they do inside your home. Imagine everyone coming together to see what’s cooking, enjoy a beverage, and socialize in your beautiful new outdoor living space.

Outdoor kitchens can be highly versatile in detail and functionality. Whether you want a simple built-in grill or you have more gourmet appliances in mind, we’ve got you covered.

A typical grill and island bar setup may be the perfect add-on for your deck, or you may have more elaborate outdoor kitchen ideas. Gourmet outdoor kitchen appliances can include a smoker, pizza oven, griddles, warming drawers, and ice makers. A custom design could consist of wood cabinetry with granite countertops and an island bar with seating. As outdoor kitchens can be highly versatile in detail and functionality, our professional in-house dedicated kitchen designer will work with your vision to design a kitchen as extensive and detailed as you wish. With an outdoor kitchen and bar area, hosting guests no longer has to be an isolating task. No one is trapped indoors cooking while everyone else is having fun outdoors. Whether you like to host intimate dinners or lively parties, an outdoor kitchen is a place where everyone comes together.

When your outdoor kitchen is built with high-quality components, it will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Most BBQ grills, outdoor appliances, and outdoor kitchen features are constructed in stainless steel and designed to withstand tough weather environments. Deck Remodelers will complete your project with high-quality weatherproof products, so you can rest assured your outdoor kitchen will be built to withstand even the worst of the northeast weather.

As we design your custom kitchen, you will choose your desired appliances from our industry-leading partners such as Twin Eagles, Delta, Naturekast Weatherproof Cabinetry, and more. Additionally, our highly qualified in-house team of professional interior designers and kitchen designers will work closely with you to eliminate the guesswork in choosing all the right materials, products, and color selections to best suit your project. There is no reason you should have to lower your standards when you move outside- that’s why we take pride in building a custom outdoor kitchen that is as elegant and functional as your indoor kitchen.
Let the designers at Deck Remodelers design the perfect outdoor kitchen for you!