Where do I start for my backyard remodel? - Deck Remodelers Request a Design Consultation

Where do I start for my backyard remodel?

One of the main things that customers struggle with is where to start when thinking about renovating their backyard. They are unsure if they should call a general contractor, builder, landscaper, pool specialist or even an architect. There is validity to the confusion, especially when wanting multiple amenities in their outdoor space. I’ve broken it down into three key things to look for in a company to handle your outdoor renovation.

  1. Homeowners should look for a company that can design and build the outdoor space of their dreams. By asking the homeowner a few key questions (ie How do you want to use your outdoor space?), and assessing the home aesthetic and the property, an experienced design team will have the vision to piece it all together and come up with a killer design to present, and then build. Homeowners should not need to know exactly what they want – many times there are products and amenities they didn’t even know about. It’s up to the designer to guide them through the process, present their recommendations for the space, and tell them about all the new and innovative gadgets available to them.
  2. Hiring a company that will deliver on time, and within budget. A reputable company will under-promise and over-deliver here. All too many times contractors will low-ball original pricing, and then jack it up once the project begins (don’t include a lot of bells n whistles you assume you get to come in with a lower bid. once it starts, you find out you’re not getting everything you thought). Always be sure to have a written contract in place with itemized pricing. Of course, if amenities are added, or if materials are upgraded, there will understandably be additional charges. On a sidenote here, if you are in agreement with your contractor’s proposal, I would highly recommend signing it immediately. Most contracts are only valid for a short time, and with the cost of materials continuing to go up, you don’t want to find yourself looking at a higher cost just because you didn’t get the contract back on time. Which leads me to timing: this gets a bit tricky with the previously mentioned issue with materials. Not only has the cost skyrocketed, but lead time is triple what it was a year ago. So, although you want a contractor that can deliver on time, what you really want is a contractor that will be honest with you every step of the way. Some delays will be unavoidable, but being honest with the homeowner, and keeping open communication is key.
  3. Finding a company that makes the process as seamless as possible for the homeowner.  Always look for a company who does it all, soup to nuts.  This takes the burden off the homeowners, as well as eliminates hiring multiple companies and trying to manage all of them simultaneously. Working with multiple companies is tiresome and inefficient, at the very least. That’s not to say this is easy to find. Many companies “only” do decks, or “only” do pools, or “only” do landscaping. At Deck Remodelers, we pride ourselves on our “one-stop-shopping” model that makes the entire process from start to finish effortless for our customers. What exactly does that mean? That means we have an entire staff to handle every step of the process, so that you don’t have to. Our in-house staff includes certified kitchen designers, architects, project management team, and of course our experienced craftsmen that brings it to life.  Any amenity imaginable is designed and built by us. This includes (but is not limited to): fire features, roofs (traditional and motorized), pools, outdoor kitchens, hardscaping, patios, and of course decks. There are endless possibilities when designing and building outdoor spaces – if you can dream it, we can design and build it!